GH Oil sensor

GH Oil sensor



GH’S SOLUTION: Online Oil Monitoring sensor for condition based maintenance

  • Monitors the condition of the gearbox analyzing the lubricants. In addition to oil degradation, it measures the quantity and the shape of the particles in real-time, detecting, quantifying and classifying the particles by size and shape.


  • Reduction of risks.
    • Solution aimed at reducing the operational risk via the on-line monitoring that measures the level of wear occurring in the gearbox.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
    • Make savings, reducing the unplanned shutdown due to possible gearbox failures and reduce annual oil purchases by maximising oil life.

Adding this functionality to your crane, you have a new way to protect your investments. Now more than ever it is necessary to get the most out of the machinery, to minimize downtimes, streamline maintenance and to avoid unnecessary costs.

GH oil sensor is a great solution to enhance the safety of your crane giving you an early alert about critical situations.


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